Chihuahua in winter

Tips for Chihuahua for winter

Should I put my Chihuahua in winter clothing in the form of a Jache, coat or sweater? Importantly, if your Chihuahua is to wear clothes, then appropriate. Some Chihuahuas, especially the short-hair Chihuahua have very little fur on them, it can be a need to put on a jacket.

Chihuahua in the snow

When the first snow falls, you should pack up her Chihuahua Shorthair warm. The Chihuahua-type long hair stand the cold better. If it seems cold, do not hesitate to tuck him. After returning from the snow, you should thoroughly dry your Chihuahua and rinse him with his legs may be scattered on the ground water because salt.

Tips for winter

Fur, paws & More: In the winter, everyone needs dog and especially the Chihuahua special care. Here are valuable tips on the care of your dog in the winter.

1. Vaseline / Hirschtalg(medicine to cure sore feet - made originally from deer grease, now produced chemically) for paws

Once right the first time there is snow we go again. Everywhere salt!
When the dogs are running with your delicate feet over the scattered salt, the paws are cracked and the kids will not want to run as they do the paws hurt. To protect the paws of her four-legged friend in winter aggressive road salt, you should use the paws of your Chihuahua regularly with deer, treat Vaseline or special creams. This creates a layer of fat, which prevents the dog's paws are cracked. Before going out on a layer of grease the paws and go. Then when come the dog make the paws clean again and again a little lotion in order not to dry out the sensitive paws.

2. After the walk: Wash paws

The scattered-icing grit, the ball of the dog hurt, it creates small cracks where road salt very burns. The washing of the feet with cool water after the walk is therefore strongly recommended. it if dog owners resorted instead to warm water to cold room because the dog's paws were cold and very hot water can then be unpleasant is best. At room temperature water to the paws faster again feel warm. remember drying!

After drying, we recommend for the care of stressed bales cdVet Pfotenpflege,because this is very easily, protects against drying, holding the bale smooth and supports the regeneration from within.The rapid retraction no residue on the paws remain, so that neither increased risk of injury on smooth floors,nor greasy stains remain on carpets etc..

If it has already come to irritation, bathe in a warm bath with chamomile extract and oak bark. Paws Maintain the paws afterwards with marigold ointment.

The marigold ointment acts among other swelling relieving circulation-stimulating, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and stimulates the metabolism.In addition, the marigold promotes blood clotting and circulation in the skin. Blood fat levels are reduced and skin regeneration is increased.

3. Remove the block of ice

Especially the hair between the pads on the feet it is easy for ice lumps form. On long walks you should occasionally check whether snow clumps of material under the feet of their four-legged friends. They should then be carefully scraped off with your fingers or thawed by a warm hand.

Growing between the pads very long hair, it is recommended to reduce this, so that will not get caught so much snow between the paws.

4. Regular grooming

Especially in winter, the Chihuahua needs an extensive grooming. The dead hair must be removed so that the quadruped does not freeze. Therefore: For long-haired Chihuahua particularly often brush the coat!