French Bulldog

French Bulldog

The French bulldog with its lovable character and the distinctive exterior has increased in popularity in recent years.

one of the healthiest Bulldog Breeds

French bulldog The French Bulldog is one of the healthiest bulldog breeds. Nevertheless, due to the flat face that the dog is sensitive to heat and in hot weather should not be executed.Also, it is almost impossible for him to swim, so he must be kept away from deep water.

He will not need a lot of exercise.Although he is quite happy to walk, but he should better run fast because of his unstable knee joints not or not for too long. This breed is by nature easily, gently and not really aggressive, not to strangers nor to other dogs.

The care

With the grooming of these dogs has little trouble. From time to time the coat should be maintained with a rubber brush.In addition, the ear canals must be cleaned (do not use cotton swabs!), Cut the claws and facial wrinkles with a special lotion (Vaseline goes out) be made clean.


Intelligent, loving and friendly with children, playful and joyful, soulful and very affectionate, a little impetuous, strong "sense of humor", selfless, persistent, a bit stubborn.French Bulldogs can be jealous when the attention of its owner is directed to someone else. The dogs may also not be left alone.

Rearing and education

French bulldogs are easy to train because they are smart and learn quickly.With her funny facial expressions they may very well ask forgiveness-it is therefore important that you can not soften it and remains consistent.The dogs are very receptive to changes and mood swings in the house.


It is often claimed that these dogs can not get along with children - the opposite is the case.Some copies may behave somewhat dominant over other dogs, other pets, there are no problems if they have already been accustomed from a young age to each other.French Bulldogs are usually quite "fond" in person - Guests are welcomed enthusiastically accordingly. Some dogs can be quite vigilant yet.


When the dogs get paid enough attention, they can do well without long hikes.Especially in hot weather it is - deprecated anyway - with regard to their short muzzle.Go around the block three times a day is sufficient if the dogs get plenty of opportunity to run and play in the garden.The dogs can also be kept well in an apartment.


The French Bulldogs are real family dogs - they can be taken anywhere. For kennels they are totally unsuitable.