The Tibetan Terrie

Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier has many engaging traits, he is lively, intelligent, kind, alert and courageous. But one of his great strengths is its adaptability. Whether as a faithful companion for a single person, as a companion for active sports or best friend for our children, in the behavior of the adult Tibetan Terriers to reflect the lifestyle of his family.

A terrier of no Terrier is!

The Tibetan Terrier is a lovable family dog ? will walk with you through thick and thin.A terrier the terrier is not! It resembles neither in nature nor in the Build a terrier. In his veins flows not a drop of blood Terrier.


The Tibetan Terrier is originally a native of Tibet herding dog and not, as the name suggests, it could be a terrier.In 1930, the Tibetan Terrier was first recognized by the then Kennel Club of India and in 1931 by the Columbia Kennel Club as a pure breed.In Tibet They call them the dog Tibetan Apso or Doki Apso (APSO in Tibetan means "hairy like a goat").The origins of the breed are unknown, the representations will vary from holy temple dogs in Tibetan monasteries to Hofhunden ordinary, but it was probably more likely monastery dogs and farm dogs. One may wonder why you gave Him the name "terrier".This dog is far from the properties of the terrier. The Tibetan Terrier is recognized by the FCI with the number 209 and that as a Companion and Toy Dogs.

Character of the Tibetan Terrier's

The English were the first terriers have christened him the breeder. The most fun certainly his personality. The character of the Tibetan Terrier is one of the most attractive characteristics of the breed, has been established for them. They are regarded as amiable and affectionate family dogs, sensitive towards the their owners and are gentle towards older children.Strangers of the Tibetan Terrier is a bit reluctant but will shy nor aggressive.Things can get a bit noisy when the Tibetan Terrier is trying keep intruders.

Even if the Tibetan Terrier is suitable for city living, one should note that there is an energetic and surprisingly strong dog that requires regular exercise.


To prevent adhesion and to remove loose hair, the coat should be brushed daily. Here, one must pay particular attention to the regions, in which the hair matted easiest, as at the armpits, beard and the "pants".In addition, the dog should be bathed regularly, if you might as well clean the ear canals and cut excess hair.


Cheerful, lively, alert, balanced, intelligent, dignified, courageous, his owner very fond of, but zurückhaltent of strangers, something domainant towards other dogs. Under the tousled coat there is a very brave and courageous dog.Tibetan Terriers are generally not like being alone.

Rearing and education

The dog should be reared calm and balanced. The animals are very sensitive and react to any change in the voice.


In dealing with other dogs, this Tibetans are often somewhat dominant.In cats and other pets you should get him early, then there will be no difficulty in the future coexistence.If it is not too much teasing, he is a happy child, sensitive playmate and family companion.


These dogs have a lot of energy, so they need the opportunity to get rid of their power. Agility exercises and fly-ball are suitable dog sports.