Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier

This Terrier was bred in the English Lake District country in the 19th century - both Piper and as a protector of the young lambs to foxes. Bedlington, Border and Dandie Dinmont Terriers were used for breeding, probably fox terrier. The Lakeland is now often used as a pet and an eager little dog with enormous energy and zest for life. The breed tends to bark and is therefore a good guard. This dog needs plenty of exercise and is patient with children.

Lakeland Terrier - Hunting dog and family

The Lakeland Terrier is a hunting dog (among others af hunting foxes) and family dog.

The Care

A Lakeland Terrier should be trimmed two or three times a year by hand. In addition to hair is removed from the ear canals regularly even superfluous hair between the footpads should be cut. The fur of "show dogs" needs intensive care.


Athletic, intelligent, affectionate, good guard dog, confident, love to children, alive undfröhlich.

Rearing and education

This sports-loving dog learns relatively leisurely. One should keep the exercises varied, because what the dog is fun, it will also realize faster.


Lakeland Terrier go well with kids around the same goes actually for contact with other dogs - a feature that is unusual within the Terrier Group, strictly speaking.

Towards strangers they give themselves reserved, but it generally takes no extreme forms. They should already familiar with cats in the youth so that they later do not chase her.