Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier which barely exceeds the smallest dog breed in the world named Chihuahua in terms of size, is now one of the most popular breeds. The main reason is probably the long silky hair and the slightly rough charm.

On this page you will find a detailed portrait breed for Yorkshire Terrier.

Terrier or lapdog

Opinions vary as to whether this Small dog Terrier or lap dog in the first place. He is a relatively young breed and originated in the 20th century. By crossing small terrier breeds, who worked as rat traps in the mines of Yorkshire, with Skye terriers. It is possible that the Dandie Dinmont and the Maltese played in the growth of a role. The result is a tiny dog, but has fire in his character.

Yorkshire terrier

The care

The Yorkshire Terrier should be thoroughly combed and brushed daily if possible. The coat should be brushed at least twice a week. You should also bathe Yorkshire Terrier relatively frequently and cut the hair ends regularly. If you are not available, the time for daily care, it is possible to have cut the coat shorter in a so-called trim salon. Usually, the hair in the eyes with a rubber ring or a loop off-tied. In the coat of "show dogs" are used mostly curlers that are screwed onto the coat.

A need of care coat

The most noticeable feature of the Yorkshire terrier is its coat, a unique coat. His hair is exceptionally long and fine. It is up to 37 cm long. In comparison, there are 1 to 2 cm in short-haired dogs.

Hair growth

Hair grows permanently and has no undercoat, it is particularly silky and shiny and the Yorkshire Terrier Haart never expire.The lack of undercoat causes the fur of Yorkshire terrier is only half as dense as is the case with other small dogs.

Thus, the skin of the Yorkshire Terriers is highly exposed external attacks.Skin problems are one of the main reasons for consulting a vet in Yorkshire Terriers.


In some ways, he is prone to sensitivities, so he needs a diet that is precisely tailored to its specific needs.

Olfactory cells

He has much fewer olfactory cells as, for example, medium-sized dogs and his Lifestyle, always near its owner in connection of his dominant nature makes its feeding is not easy and may explain his Sophisticated eating.

Nur eine Nahrung mit außergewöhnlich hoher Akzeptanz kann Ihn zufrieden stellen.

A narrow jaw and strong teeth.

The Yorkshire Terrier has a narrow, narrow jaws. The size and shape of its teeth but however developed Build.

Tartar formation

His dental status favors the clinging of food residues and therefore a bacterial colonization of the oropharynx.The result can already at an early age to disease of the gums. The teeth may eventually fail.Dental and denture problems are to seek a veterinarian in Yorkshire Terrier the main reason with Him.


As befits a former hunting dog, which was mainly used against rats, the Yorkshire Terrier has a very lively and cheerful disposition.He is lively, intelligent, somewhat cocky, sweet, vigilant, very affectionate to their owners.Even before larger dogs and strangers, he could not be intimidated.This breed is highly suitable as a guard dog and barks at risk.Dem Yorkshire Terrier sagt man nach dass er als Begleithund einen guten Draht zum Menschen hat.Er genießt es regelrecht stets im Mittelpunkt der Aufmerksamkeit zu stehen.

Rearing and education

The Yorkshire Terrier has a very good grasp and learn things in a fast pace.If one puts forward the learning units stringently and in a varied for the dog kind, he will understand the instructions of lord quickly.An interesting website with basic rules of education of the Yorkshire Terriers can be found here under principles of education of Yorkshire Terriers.


In a respectful and careful management of the Yorkshire Terrier kids and dog get along well.However, a toy dog but for small children not the best choice.Some dogs of breed Yorkshire Terrier can be a little cocky towards other dogs.With cats or other pets but they are my quite well.


It can be flexibly adapted to the circumstances and are held by therefore also well in a Flat.


On shows the long, silky coat of these dogs is mainly evaluated.It all think quite well Imagine that it is very labor-intensive to keep the coat in good condition.